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On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.
How to minimize a suicide note:

1) Die.
A: considering the reason for a suicide note is to explain why you are killing yourself. Why? You never have to face these people again. Fuck the people. They are the reason you are killing yourself in the first place or...refer to #2.

2) Just place blame.
A: This is simple; "It's all your fault."

3) Avoid words.
A: Keep it simple. Like, "I hate my life."

How to 'attempt' suicide...

Now this is interesting because, to 'attempt',is to try and foil a basic cry for help.

Take handfuls of childrens vitamins as an alternative to hard drug overdose...and dont even think of aspirin as a safe bet. only takes 55 Tylenals to kill you, or, hang yourself with toilet paper. But then, you have to spend the rest of your miserable existance knowing people think you're stupid...which brings us to...

Stupidity is the leading cause of life. I know, I have seen the world. In my personal opinion, it's the stupid people that have the highest reproduction rate. GET STUPID.

WARNING: Stupidity may cause death.

Oh yeah...contemplate this...
100% of divorces started with a marriage.

If you do decide suicide is best for you....

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Thank you Frog...For your lovely wisdom.

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god damn you are a posting whore, I love it.

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