Everyone must read this.

C/O osiris_lament. Some good wisdom to share.

We all make tough choices in life. Sometimes we see something we really want that makes us happy but we know that it will do more harm than good. Sometimes we have to walk away from things we really want. People and material possessions. Sometimes we give up the things in life that wil make us better or make us whole.

Recently I started going through all the things I gave up and thing I went for that ended up being a mistake. There are people that were apart of my life that I no longer speak to. Sometimes something has happened or said that makes me want to call that person up. but then I realize that something happened in our lives that now makes me realize that I can't cal that person anymore, That person is no longer in my life. Sometimes memories are like dreams. They're clouded until something happens that makes you realize that it was all real. I didn't dream up that fight, It really happened.

Why can't life be as simple as childhood? Where children fight and say I'm not going to play with him or her anymore and be playing again the next day? Why do we choose to complicate things? Why do we hold grudges? Why can't we just let it go?

Children have the best ideas. They were my friends and I like playing with them I don't want to stop because we fought.

As adults we say to ourselves that life isn't simple. Why not? Why can't we just choose to look at a situation in the most simplistic way? Just because of something done wrong, are we going to hate the people who wronged us even though they were apart of our lives so much that a part of them has changed us for the better.

Try to remember a friend or loved one that is no longer apart of your life because of something that was said or done wrong. Forget the wrong for just a moment and remember how much that person made you smile and made you feel important.

If this has not made you think, then tell me to fuck off. If it has then share it with others and stop holding a grudge. It really isn't worth all that energy to hate someone.

On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

How to minimize a suicide note:

1) Die.
A: considering the reason for a suicide note is to explain why you are killing yourself. Why? You never have to face these people again. Fuck the people. They are the reason you are killing yourself in the first place or...refer to #2.

2) Just place blame.
A: This is simple; "It's all your fault."

3) Avoid words.
A: Keep it simple. Like, "I hate my life."

How to 'attempt' suicide...

Now this is interesting because, to 'attempt',is to try and foil a basic cry for help.

Take handfuls of childrens vitamins as an alternative to hard drug overdose...and dont even think of aspirin as a safe bet.
Remember...it only takes 55 Tylenals to kill you, or, hang yourself with toilet paper. But then, you have to spend the rest of your miserable existance knowing people think you're stupid...which brings us to...

Stupidity is the leading cause of life. I know, I have seen the world. In my personal opinion, it's the stupid people that have the highest reproduction rate. GET STUPID.

WARNING: Stupidity may cause death.

Oh yeah...contemplate this...
100% of divorces started with a marriage.

If you do decide suicide is best for you....

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Thank you Frog...For your lovely wisdom.

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The wise words of a five year old...

"I'll feel better, when you feel less."

Maybe she doesnt understand it, but she's wise beyond her years.

I think I'll take her advice.

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3 days no sleep and counting.
I'm pullin for a full week.
Maybe longer.

If someone doesnt commit me first.
Before I get the chance to.

I'm close enough to want to get tied to a bed, and tranquilized at this point.

In fact, I'd beg for it.

cant fucking sleep

"To pity those that know her not
is helped by the regret
That those who know her, know her less
The nearer her they get."

~Emily Dickinson

Maybe I'm Sylvia Plath reincarnate.
It'd explain years of insomnia.
And why I torture myself.

Perhaps one day I'll end up like her.
Or Like Dickinson. A recluse. Never in contact with another person.


Someday you'll understand why it had to happen.


I'm trying to see the silver lining.
But smoke keeps getting in my eyes.

There was no hope for any tomorrows.
Just slammed doors and no goodbyes.

A time table and heavy sighs.
A forced answer and we can cry.

Why prolong inevitability?
An emotional masochist's ways?

We are both to blame.

I'll be gone, out of your life.
And all will go on, and on, and on...

Such is life, afterall...

"That which does not kill you, only makes you stronger."
Or bitter...

For the sake of love long lost.
Or for a memory.

We had to pay a dear cost.
Without losing our sanity.

I'm trying to see the silver lining.
But smoke keeps getting in my eyes.
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