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Caution: Contains dangerous parts:

Harmful if swallowed

Psycho Pirate
25 February 1981



If you are going to make comments on my journal, be honest enough to leave a name. Otherwise, E.S.A.D.

On the surface, Miss Empty is a surly, gruff, hot-tempered sort of a gal, and what you see is what you get.
As far as this shaggy-haired, not-so-thickly-accented fem is concerned, manners are for bath-taking, underpants-wearing, lily-huggers.
Even fewer people know that she is the inventor of the toilet and the woman who made cats and dogs hate one another.
Thank you very much.

a perfect circle, abandoned buildings, anarchy, aqua teen hunger force, aroma therapy, astrology, asylums, atheism, betty page, bile, bill hicks, bjork, black flag, blind melon, blues, body modifications, bondage, boxing, branding, bridge jumping, butthole surfers, cake, camper van beethoven, cancer, charles bukowski, chuck palahniuk, clutch, coathanger abortions, coffee, cold as life, comic books, consumption junction, crass, cuttings, david bowie, dead kennedys, dead milkmen, detroit, detroit underground, dream interpretation, dresden dolls, drinking, dropkick murphys, drugs, duct tape, dumpster diving, empathy, existentialism, george carlin, gieger, gore, gwar, gypsy music, gypsy's, hitchhiking, homelessness, hunter s. thompson, husker du, insomnia, jack kerouac, jazz, knives, laughter, learning, leonard cohen, liver transplants, living, mark twain, mass murderers, midgets, misfits, modest mouse, mohawks, movies, mr.bungle, mudvayne, my bloody valentine, nick cave, ohgr, open wounds, ours, peanut butter m&m's, pet scorpions, photography, physics, piercing, pills, poe, poetry, porn, portishead, primus, psycho pirate 2, quantum mechanics, quantum physics, reading, rufus wainwright, scarification, scars, scorpions, serial killers, skinny puppy, sleep deprivation, sleeping in, smoking, smoking popes, space, stabbing people, stabbing westward, stanley kubric, straws, strong coffee, switchblade symphony, system of a down, tank girl, tarot, tattoos, tau tau, the beatles, the butt trumpets, the circle jerks, the clash, the cranes, the cure, the metro, the movie amelie, the mysterious stranger, the new pornographers, the oblongs, the pixies, the spiders from mars, the swans, the velvet goldmine, theoretical physics, thermal dynamics, they might be giants, thrift stores, time travel, timothy leary, tits, tom jones, tom waits, tool, tori amos, troma, vacant buildings, velvet underground, violent femmes, voodoo glowskulls